The Zombie Veteran Pack was a Reward Pack in Blacklight: Retribution.  

Overview Edit

BLR IconPack
The Zombie Veteran Pack was a reward pack for players of Blacklight: Retribution who achieved at least 4 out of 5 mission goals in the Dogs of War promotion. It contains several permanent items that cannot be purchased or obtained otherwise.  

Post Parity Patch Edit

With the release of the Parity Patch all Reward and Chance Packs have been removed from game. This Reward Pack is currently unobtainable.

Reward Pack Requirements Edit

Zombie Veteran's Pack

Zombie Veteran Reward Pack

At least 4 out of 5 of the following requirements had to be completed in-order for the Reward Pack to be issued.

  • 1500+ kills
  • 200+ matches played
  • Reached Level 25+
  • Transferred 2000 ZEN on the Blacklight servers

Reward Pack Contents Edit

Zombie Veteran's Pack Items

Zombie Veteran Pack contents

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