War Dog is a Taunt in Blacklight: Retribution

Overview Edit

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War Dog

The War Dog taunt was given to players of the beta through the Veteran Pack.

It is almost identical to the Pump taunt, but is enhanced with a light blue holographic Blacklight skull (Which is orange for enemies) with little specks radiating off it, and a sound plays when it is performed.

It is not available for purchase and the only way to obtain the taunt itself is through unlocking the Veteran pack which is no longer available.

It is a Short Taunt, so performing it after a kill grants you 5 CP during a match.

Another variation of this taunt is the Veteran War Mask, which bears a striking resemblence to the War Dog taunt itself.


  • Type: mobile
  • Length: 1.5 seconds (Though the "Mask" stays on the whole match)
  • Reward: 5 Combat Points

Rarity Edit

  • Uncommon

Price Edit

  • N/A

In-game Description Edit

"A triggered holographic emote for the Dogs Of War"

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Trivia Edit

  • This taunt has also been referred to as War Mask. This may be due to the holographic skull staying on after the taunt is actually finished, thus the player puts on a sort of mask. Nevertheless, this will not count as having performed a taunt after a kill, so to get the extra combat points, you must perform it again (or another emote).

Bugs Edit

  • The radiating particles will continue to generate even after the mask fades.