Vulcan STD-03Q TSMG

Pre-Parity Information Edit

The following is no longer up to date with the current version of Blacklight: Retribution and should only be used for historical information.

The Vulcan STD-3Q TSMG is the third magazine unlockable for the Tactical SMG. Unlocked at Level 21, it increases your reload speed but reducing your ammo capacity. It seems obsolete to purchase this magazine as having bullets in your gun is more important than getting a faster reload. This item is included in the Level 21 Reward Pack as a 3 day trial item.


  • Ammunition: 35/140
  • Reload: 2.05s


  • 1 Day: 150 GP / 20 ZEN
  • 7 Days: 825 GP / 105 ZEN
  • Permanent: 3825 GP / 350 ZEN

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