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Veteran is a Camo in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

BLR 130 Dec. 17 15.36

Weapon Camo up close

Veteran is a Weapon and Armor camo that was given away with the Veteran Pack. Those 2 camos cannot be purchased through any other means.

Additionally, the weapon and body camo are not identical. While they are both somewhat similar in color, the body camo has a more golden tone, while the weapon camo has more elements of yellow. They also have different underlying patterns. The body camo has dark camouflage spots and the weapon camo has white lines (that can only be seen when viewing a weapon up close).

Currently, this camo is not purchasable in-game.

Price Edit

  • Permanent: N/A

Rarity Edit

  • Rare

In-game Description Edit

Camouflage for a loyal veteran's armor.

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Trivia Edit

The Veteran Camo may be identical to the Super Secret Camo that was accidentally leaked in July 2012. This is unconfirmed, but the similarity in appearance between those 2 and the position of both camos in the Customization menu supports that theory.