This article is about the turrets in Blacklight: Tango Down. For the turret in Blacklight: Retribution, see AT-D4 Deployable Turret.

Two to four automatic turrets guard each spawn in team based games (excepting Last Team Standing). Any hostile elements with sight of the turrets are fired upon, even at high range sometimes. In team Deathmatch games, these kills count towards the team the turret is guarding. The turrets are not destroyable objects.

The turrets used to deal 24 damage per shot, but as been reduced to 12. When fired at and hit by these, they stop the player from initiating a sprinting run for a little amount of time, but they will not stop a player that is already sprinting.

Turrets can be temporarily disabled by using EMP or Digi grenades.

There are no turrets in last team standing to prevent players from camping in their spawn.

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