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BLR Titan AR4-NightStalker
Titan AR4-NightStalker
Fridi SanAdded by Fridi San
The Titan AR4-NightStalker is an Assault Barrel that is available in the Blacklight: Retribution Marketplace, with the GP price unlocked at level 6. It is also included in the Reward Pack for level 6 as a 3 day trial item. It has many positive effects, as it improves Damage, Spread, and Range, but it will make you run slower.


Damage +20 Firerate
Ammunition Reload
Zoom Scope In
Spread - Hip -10 Max
Spread - ADS -10 Max
Recoil Range +10
Run -30


  • 1 Day: 125 GP // 15 ZEN
  • 7 Days: 700 GP // 90 ZEN
  • 30 Days: 255 ZEN
  • Permanent: 3275 SP // 300 ZEN
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