The Order Soldier

A screenshot of the Order soldier.

The Order is one of the Factions available in Blacklight: Tango Down and Blacklight: Retribution. They are a highly organized rebel group of Ex-US Special Forces and local militia. These experienced rogue soldiers use their top-level training to build elaborate fortifications which shield the construction of an advanced infrastructure that supplements the further development of their own impressive collection of military hardware and technology. They have some of the best equipment and technology that money can buy. Their advanced knowledge of Balik helps supplement their high-tech weaponry.


The Order is represented by a Red Snake coiled in a circle.

Blacklight: Retribution Edit

Members of The Order appear in the Onslaught mode of Blacklight: Retribution, apparently aiding the zombie-like SIVs. Order members first appear during the third wave of enemies, carrying either a modified Assault Rifle or modified Shotgun. Later on, they will carry the FT18 Flamethrower and the RL5 Armor Stinger.

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