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Hi, been adding to the wikia recently and i think we might want to change the focus of the front page. Since Blacklight Retribution was just released on steam and considering that it is currently the only blacklight product recieving updates. I'd like to restructure the main page around Retribution instead of the current Blacklight Tango Down. anyone have any thoughts about doing this? would you like to do it yourself?

on a side note I've been thinking about starting to take pictures of all the parts and camos availible in game and doing quick rundowns on each part. or atleast adding photos to the pages for parts that already exist.

what would anyone like to see being the focus of this wikia? who is in charge? much appreciated.

Yes, good idea to reorganize the front page! Maybe we could start by adding a 3rd column to it (there should be enough room) and putting important Retribution pages there. This way, we will no remove all Tango Down content at once, but we can gradually let it fade out.

Now, who is in charge here? I wish I knew. When I started editing here, the page was pretty much abandoned, only some activity in the Reward Packs going on. I am not sure if there is anyone left with admin rights, though a while ago, someone deleted a lot of empty pages, so I guess there's someone out there...

Fridi San (talk) 18:29, July 19, 2012 (UTC)

Reorganization of front pageEdit

I moved some stuff around within the existing 2 columns - being too lazy to figure out how to set them up :) - so now it should be more clear what's Retribution and Tango Down. I mostly linked to categories, in the long term that should rather link to articles, once we have one that encompasses the category. Feel free to add or edit stuff, or reassign articles to better categories...

Fridi San (talk) 21:03, July 22, 2012 (UTC)

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