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Stock T sub machine gun

The TSMG is primarily is used for running and gunning while hipfiring but differs from the SMG by being able to aim down the sights while maintaining a high accuracy. The very low recoil and max spread allow for better sustained fire but has less damage per bullet, so more bullets are required to hit to deal the same ammount of damage as other weapons. The TSMG is the only other primary Receiver besides the SMG that gives you a positive run speed. The TSMG does not have an interchangeable barrel or stock. This means that the run speed, damage, and recoil of the weapon can only be affected by magazine and muzzle.


The TSMG or the Tactical SMG unlocks at lvl 20. Its very high fire rate at 800 alows it to excel at close quarters. This weapons scope, muzzle, and magazine can be customised. Additionally its damage drop-off is something to be wary about. this weapons low move spread and low recoil allow you to be able to excel if used correctly


The default statistics for the weapon goes as follows:

Standard Tactical Element
AMMO: 40/160 RELOAD: 2.67s
ZOOM: 1.30 SCOPE IN: 0.15s
SPREAD-HIP: 1.15° MAX: 5.79°
SPREAD-AIM 0.57° MAX: 2.89°
RECOIL: 70.18 RANGE: 35/90
RUN: +0.30


  • Permanent: 9375 GP / 750 Zen

Premade VersionsEdit

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