The following Ammunition is available for the Tactical SMG in Blacklight: Retribution:

Name Type Statistics Permanent Price
Vulcan STD-01 TSMG Default None Free
Vulcan STD-02L TSMG Light Run: +0.09 3920 GP / 75 ZCoin
Vulcan STD-03Q TSMG Quick Reload Ammo: -5/-20
Reload: -0.62
3920 GP / 75 ZCoin
Vulcan STD-04XL TSMG Extra Large Ammo: +15/+60
Reload: +0.62
Run: -0.09
3920 GP / 75 ZCoin
Foiche XPL1 TSMG Explosive Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche ELEC1 TSMG Electro Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche TOX1 TSMG Toxic Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche INCD1 TSMG Incendiary Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche MAG1 TSMG Magnum Special Ammunition N/A

Vulcan STD-01 TSMG Edit

Vulcan STD-02L TSMG-0

Vulcan STD-01L TSMG

This is the default magazine that is permanently included when you purchase this Receiver.

Base Stats Edit

  • Ammo: 40/160
  • Reload: 2.67s

Price Edit

  • Permanent: Free

In-game Description Edit

Standard-issue magazines provide no stat modifications.

Vulcan STD-02L TSMG Edit

Vulcan STD-02L TSMG-1

Vulcan STD-02L TSMG

This magazine for the TSMG increases your Run Speed.

Stats Edit

  • Run: +0.09

Price Edit

In-game Description Edit

Light magazines increase run speed.

Vulcan STD-03Q TSMG Edit

Vulcan STD-03Q TSMG-0

Vulcan STD-03Q TSMG

This magazine increases your Reload time but reduces your ammo capacity.

Stats Edit

  • Ammunition: -5/-20
  • Reload: -0.62s

Price Edit

In-game Description Edit

Quick magazines greatly increase reload speed.

Vulcan STD-04XL TSMG Edit

Vulcan STD-04XL TSMG-0

Vulcan STD-04XL TSMG

This magazine increases the ammo capacity, but reduces Run Speed and increases Reload time.

Stats Edit

  • Ammunition: +15/+60
  • Reload: +0.62
  • Run: -0.09

Price Edit

In-game Description Edit

Extended magazines increase ammo capacity, but decrease run speed.

Special Ammunition Edit

Before the Parity Patch Special (Elemental) Ammunition was purchasable and used in place of a regular magazine. Now Special Ammunition has its own slot when customizing weapons and any magazine can be used with Special Ammunition. See Special Ammunition for more details.