Spread is a group of Stats in Blacklight: Retribution affecting the performance of your weapon. The different types of Spread apply in different situations, depending on whether you are moving, aiming through a Scope, or crouching down while shooting. You are given an angle that tells you how far the bullet may fly off course when leaving the weapon. A value of 0.00° would mean that the bullet lands exactly where your crosshairs are pointing at.


BLR Spread Aim Tooltip


BLR Spread Hip Tooltip


BLR Spread Move Tooltip


Since the days of the Beta, Spread has changed numerous times. It used to be 3 values, Spread - Min, Spread, and Spread - Max. Later, it was changed to 4 values in total, with Spread - ADS (later renamed to Spread - Aim) and Spread - Hip acting as minimum value, and each having assigned a second maximum value ("MAX").

Since 1.000, the MAX values no longer exist, instead, Spread - Move was added. Also, Recoil is now displayed as an angular value, making it more aligned with Spread, which it influences.

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