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Silverwood X35 CQC

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BLR Silverwood X35 CQC
Silverwood X35 CQC
Fridi SanAdded by Fridi San
The Silverwood X35 CQC is a short Barrel that is unlocked at level 1. It increases Run, but also Spread, while reducing Range.


Damage Firerate
Ammo Reload
Zoom Scope In
Spread- Hip +20 Max
Spread- Aim +20 Max
Recoil Range -20
Run +20


  • 1 Day: 125 GP // 15 ZEN
  • 7 Days: 600 GP // 75 ZEN
  • 30 Days: 215 ZEN
  • Permanent: 2750 GP // 250 ZEN


  • This can be seen on the logo of the Submachine Gun in Blacklight's receiver select

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