Secondary Receivers, similar to primary receivers, determine the type of weapon that is being built. It fills the second weapon slot and has the greatest influence on the weapon's performance, affecting the damage, rate of fire, ammunition, reload speed, magnification of zoom, scope in time, recoil, range, and running speed while holding the weapon, as well as the aim, hip, and move spread of the weapon, similar to primary receivers.

Receivers Class Level Unlocked
Light Pistol (LP) Balanced Default
Heavy Pistol (HP) Balanced 1
Burstfire Pistol (BFP) Balanced 1
Revolver High-Caliber 5
Shotgun Close Quarters 20
Machine Pistol (MP) Rapid Fire 26
Shotgun AR-K (SARK) Close Quarters
Snub 260 (Snub) High-Caliber 38

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