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The Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) is a Primary Receiver available in both Blacklight: Retribution and Blacklight: Tango Down.

Weapon Overview Edit

The SMG is designed for close quarters combat and is best used at short distances because of its high rate of fire and low accuracy. Along with the Assault Rifle , the Sub-Machine Gun is one of the two most commonly seen guns in game. The SMG does have some common ground with the Assault rifle, sharing the other weapon's automatic fire and general handling characteristics, but with lower damage, recoil, larger spread, and an increased rate of fire.


Thanks to the Sub-Machine Gun's high rate of fire, firing from the hip can be quite effective. Doing so, however, will consume its Ammunition very quickly, so consider attaching an Extended Magazine to allow for sustained fire. A Suppressor Muzzle may also be worthwhile, as otherwise continuous fire may alert hostiles to your presence.

Alternatively, attaching a Heavy Barrel and a muzzle with a damage bonus is also viable. This setup will decrease your effective range, but will also make you more effective in close quarters, reducing the Sub-Machine Gun from a 5-hit kill to a 4-hit kill.

Never forget that the Sub Machine Gun is a short range weapon by design. Stay close to cover, and if you discover an unaware enemy, hold fire until they are within effective killing distance. Stay on the move, and try to flank the enemy to force an engagement on your terms. If all goes well, it is entirely possible to take down an entire squad single handedly with this weapon.

Ammunition Edit

There are 5 different magazines available for the Sub-Machine Gun.

Price Edit

  • 1 Day: 300 GP / 35 ZEN
  • Permanent: 8500 GP / 300 ZEN

Premade Variants Edit

These premade versions of the Sub-Machine Gun were purchasable as stand-alone weapons in the Marketplace before the Parity Patch on PC.


  • The SMG is very similar in both design and function to modern weapons of the same classification, most notably the UMP(upper) and TDI Kriss (Lower; without magwell), currently employed by police forces and counter-terrorists units around the globe.

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