The Platinum Onslaught Pack was a Reward Pack in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

Platinum Onslaught Pack used to show up in the Blacklight: Retribution Marketplace at different times, usually to celebrate a specific holiday or event.

This Reward Pack was priced at 10,000 Zen. While expensive, this pack contained nearly every item that was was purchasable and it includes all items that were in the Onslaught Gold Pack.

Platinum Onslaught Pack Contents Edit

Gear Edit

Tactical Gear Edit

Depot Items Edit

Lower Body Armor Edit

Upper Body Armor Edit

Helmets Edit

Receiver Edit

Barrel Edit

BPFA Barrel Grips Edit

Stocks Edit

Muzzles Edit

Magazines Edit

Scopes Edit

Heroes Edit

Alternate Hero Skins Edit

Premium Heros Skins Edit

Armor Camos Edit

Weapon Camos Edit

Not Included Edit

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