Onslaught is a game mode in Blacklight: Retribution. This guide is intended to provide players with ideas and tactics to use in Onslaught.


In the new Onslaught game mode, you fight wave upon wave of zombies, which of course, uses up lots and lots of ammunition. The main thing to do is to choose a magazine or gun that carries a lot of ammo.

What a successful team will probably useEdit

Many teams will know that you need to cooperate to be good at onslaught. This is why it is recommended that you turn on your microphone and use it in game. This will make you able to do actions in the game without stopping to communicate(unlike the chat box).

  • Cooperate with your team( recommended that you turn on your mic.)
  • Choose a gun with a lot of ammo, preferably a drummed or double drummed AR or an LMG or LMG R. The LMG-R being with a drum mag.
  • The second thing about your gun that is highly important is its damage. You will be getting much more value per bullet when you use a high damage weapon.
  • The third thing to do to succeed is to choose a good set of tactical gear and normal gear. For this it is recommended that you use an armor build with 4 gear slots, the maximum amount.
  • A good tactical gear choice would be the heal injector. First of all, you get very little CP per zombie compared to a normal player. However, you still get the standard 20 CP for healing a friendly Agent.
  • The next, somewhat viable, tactical gear will be the revival injector. This is because it takes a few seconds to revive a player without one and a revival injector will make this process instant. The next somewhat viable tactical gear is the cloak, but only the MK.1 version, because it allows you to stay cloaked for an infinite period of time. The zombies will completely ignore you when you are cloaked, even when you are running, allowing you to make a safe escape to the depot, fallen teammate, or hack one of the objectives in peace.
  • Good choices for the normal gear would be a Toxic Grenade, because it can be used to hold down a choke point, protecting yourself from many zombies. A good example area to use this tactic is the highway area with lots of barricades in the map Centre. Another good choice for gear is the proximity mine, for it will be able to stop several zombies at a time, and all kill them at once, especially since the zombies seem to horde. The next choice that is highly recommended is the stun shurikens. This is only to be used on the giant zombie. When you do this you should coordinate with your team to make sure only one person hits them with the shurikens at a time, so you all don't run out of gear very fast. The final optimal gear would probably be the stun mine, for the same reason as the shurikens.
  • The last good tip for a team is to stay together in an open area, this is because zombies will force you to back into a corner and you will be stuck, to die alone. This tactic also makes it much easier to gun down hordes of zombies, and watch each others' backs.

Depot Edit

Another last good tip for a successful onslaught is how you work your depot. First of all you should always have ammo refill in your depot, heals will be supplied by teammates with heal injectors.

Here is a list of recommended items for your depot.

Slot 1 : Ammo Refill

This is very important because you will be using lots of ammo and ammo packs are only dropped by the first few levels of zombies.

Slot 2: Trident

The trident is the hardsuit minigun, and so can be used to mow down large hordes of enemies. As such, it should be used as a last resort, when all else fails you pull out this big beast.

Slot 3: Turret

The turret is a very good buy for onslaught and normal game modes, as it has unlimited ammo, and in onslaught, getting turret kills gives more CP. But be warned, the turrets don't start with full health, and can only get full health if repaired by the tactical gear, Repair Tool.

Slot 4: Airstrike

The Airstrike is useful when dealing with a large horde of enemies, especially when they seems to be glitched and not moving, as if you do not kill them all at once, they will become unfrozen and rush at you all at once

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