BLR 300 Mar. 06 12.27

The Onslaught Gold Pack is an item pack that was released in Blacklight: Retribution at patch 1.100 to celebrate the release of the new OnSlaught mode, as well as the 1 year anniversary. It contains almost any item that was released into the game, in a permanent form, with a few exceptions. The pack is available for a price of 8000 ZEN. This makes it the most expensive item ever released in Blacklight: Retribution. However, it is well worth the money spent, considering that you will receive ALL 9 heroes, which are already worth 18,000 ZEN in their standard versions, and usually they come with all the additional skins, too. It also contains every Receiver, and the ones that had been released after the beta typically were only purchasable with ZEN. Also all items are permanent, and that includes items that normally cannot be purchased permanently, like Incendiary Ammunition or Electro Protection Gear. It also contains several promotional items that are no longer obtainable in the game, like the Black Mesa Crowbar.

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