The Modified SR19 'Brute' was a premade LMG Recon for Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon OverviewEdit

The Modified SR19 'Brute' was the first premade weapon using the LMG Recon receiver. It has a high damage, range but also high recoil. It is fitted for more long range than close range due to its high spread and scope.

Tactics Edit

Single shotting with the Modified SR19 'Brute' seems to be the most effective method of using it has a low fire rate and will be more accurate when trying to take down enemies at range.

In Game Description Edit

What this LMG-R lacks in speed and accuracy, it makes up in stopping power against enemies who dare to get too close.

Post Parity Patch Edit

After the Parity Patch was released premades could no longer be purchased. See Premades for more information.

Components Edit

Gallery Edit

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