Melee refers to close quarters combat, with anything from a bash with your gun to a cut with katana.

Overview Edit

In Blacklight: Retribution Melee attacks can be performed by using the "F" key, in which case you will hit opponents with your gun, this will always do 125 damage.

There are also some Taunts that can act as melee attacks like the Crane Kick Digital or Uppercut Digital Taunt.

For melee fighting, there are a number of special weapons that can be equipped in the Gear Slots. Each melee weapon has a special lunge ability that lets them reach enemies from farther away (except for Throwing Knives Mk.1, Stun Shuriken, Exploding Tomahawk, and Sonic Tomahawk).

Trivia Edit

  • It is worth noting that even though you can use melee with guns, and melee weapons you cannot use the "F" key while wearing another type of gear, such as the Frag Grenade Mk.1.
  • Post-Parity players bought servers which were dedicated to fighting with melee.

Melee weapons in Blacklight: RetributionEdit

Weapon Damage Range
Combat Knife Mk.1 125 with a direct hit. 2.6m
Combat Knife Mk.2 150 with a direct hit. 2.6m
Machete 200 with a direct hit, with the longest lunge range in its class. 3.8m
Black Mesa Crowbar 125 with a direct hit. 2.0m
Breach Hammer 250 with a direct hit, requires a reload afterward. 2.6m
Katana Insta-kill with a direct hit, the Katana is the only melee item purchasable in the Depot. You can hold down left click to charge up a lunge. N/A
Throwing Knives Mk.1 200 with a direct hit, can be thrown for 200 damage. When thrown, the knife is affected by gravity.  2.0m
Stun Shuriken 175 with a direct melee hit, can be thrown to become 3 temporary stun mines. The Stun Shurikens fan out horizontally in three directions. They are affected by gravity, and if thrown, they stun if they hit the target directly or if the target is near them. 2.0m
Exploding Tomahawk 175 with a direct melee hit, can be thrown for a 200 damage or 400 detonated blast radius and is manually detonated. The tomahawk is affected by gravity. 2.0m
Silver Crowbar 125 with a direct hit. 2.0m
Golden Crowbar 125 with a direct hit. 2.0m
Sonic Tomahawk 200 with a direct hit, can be thrown for 290 damage. 2.0m
Crane Kick Digital Emote Deals an instakill if you can pull it off. N/A
Uppercut Digital Emote Another instakill if performed properly. N/A
Tactical Ice Axe 200 with a direct hit, shares the highest range with Machete & Nor'Easter 3.8m
Nor'Easter 200 with a direct hit, shares the highest range with Machete & Nor'Easter 3.8m
Toxic Breach Hammer 175 with a direct hit, but injects a poison dart which deals damage over time. The poison dart can also be lunged into walls and create a poison cloud similar to the Toxic Grenade Mk.1. 2.6m

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