The MMRS QDSS ‘Tiger Style'' was a premade Burstfire Rifle for Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon Overview Edit

From the Weekly Weapon description:

  • The MMRS QDSS ‘Tiger Style' Premade is custom tailored for the Agent on the go. It features a reduction in movement spread and recoil as well as an increase in run speed. Like to run and gun? This Burstfire Rifle is the weapon for you!
  • When put up against the stock BFR, It does not hit as hard, has a little less range, and takes a fraction of a second longer to reload, but its bonuses for killing while on the move ease that burden nicely!

Post Parity Patch Edit

After the Parity Patch was released premades could no longer be purchased. See Premades for more information.

Components Edit

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