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In Blacklight: Retribution, a Loadout Slot, or just Loadout, is where you can put a primary and secondary weapon configuration or Premade so that they are available to you during a match. Per default, all agents start the game with one Loadout that contains the default Assault Rifle and Light Pistol. When you reach level 5, you get a second permanent Loadout Slot.

To be able to store additional weapon configurations, you can purchase additional permanent Loadouts for 1000 ZEN each in the Mini Mart. It is possible to have up to 5 personal Loadouts. There is a sixth Loadout Slot that is only used for heroes to store their custom weapons.

To select a Loadout, press F1 - F6 while in a match. When you next respawn, you will use that Loadout. By selecting the circle right to it, you can also define a preferred Loadout Slot to be always used upon respawning when you do not select anything else.

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