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The Lilith Hero & Premium Skin Chance Pack was available in the Mini Mart in Blacklight: Retribution. This Chance Pack could be purchased for 100 Zcoin.

Overview Edit

Battle Mode Suit Lilith

Battle Mode Suit Lilith

Dark Forest Lilith

Dark Forest Lilith

Originally, this Chance Pack was only way to obtain the Premium Skin "Battle Mode Suit Lilith" for this Hero.

With the release of the Parity Patch Chance Packs have been removed and the Battle Mode Suit Lilith skin can be bought for 2000 Zcoin. Additionally, the Forest Dark Lilith skin can be purchased for 1000 Zcoin.

This pack has a chance to contain one of the following items:

  • Permanent Lilith Battle Mode Suit
  • 30 Day Teabag Emote
  • 7 Day Red Leopard
  • 7 Day Digi Tundra Weapon Camo
  • And 4 other items

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