The Lightsky Reflex Scope is an open scope in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

Lightsky Reflex Scope

Lightsky Reflex Scope


Lightsky Reflex Scope in-game [1]

With a 1.60x zoom the Lightsky ELO-Tech R.6 scope is efficient in a variety of situations. Due to it's widened frame, players can easily use peripheral vision to their advantage.

It also has reticles that are very precise, which assist with increased accuracy at longer ranges.

Additionally, this scope has relatively short scope-in time, making it a perfect sight for rushers who want to use the Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun and LMG.

Pre-Parity Patch this scope was known as Lightsky ELO-Tech R.6.

Rarity: Edit

  • Uncommon

In Game Description Edit

Open scope. Reflex sight with 1.6x zoom.

Statistics Edit

  • Zoom: 1.60x
  • Scope-In Time: 0.22s

Price Edit

References Edit


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