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From left to right: Viper; Lilith; Grendel; Duchess; Ghost

Heroes are premade characters in Blacklight: Retribution that have special weapons and Depot Items that players may not have access to otherwise. Hero characters are fixed and it is impossible to change the stats of their armor. Their equipment used to be fixed, but since version 0.990 it is possible to replace their Gear and also add additional items. Even so, it is still not possible to change a hero's Tactical Gear.

Heroes have a sixth Loadout Slot where their custom weapons are stored. These weapons can only be used with the hero that they are associated with. The custom weapons of a hero work similar to a Premade, as it is also not possible to use any components of those weapons on other weapons that you own. 

Heroes are classified as premium items, thus, they can only be purchased with ZEN in the Marketplace. Most heroes have additional cosmetic skins that costwill alter their appearance, but will not change the stats.

BLR HeroGrendel

Hero Grendel - K. Moreau

The base heroes cost 2000 Zen, with their alternative skins costing 500 Zen each. (Exceptions: some alternative skins can only be won through Premium Skin Chance Packs and currently the only way to get the base Ghost hero is through its chance pack or Onslaught Pack.)

The first hero released into the game is Grendel. The first heroine released into the game is The Duchess.



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