Prior to the parity patch, gaining free zen the currency of which was replaced by ZCoin during the Parity Patch, Could be obtained through various surveys.

Overview Edit

Currently there is no known way to earn free ZEN/GP.

Historically, you could obtain free zen on the blacklight website under the heading "Earn zen". You would have to fill out an advert offer where you will have to provide your contact details and possibly your credit/debit card details. Take note that the surveys were done by a third party, a privacy policy different from what you agreed on for your Perfect World account. Also, should you not receive any ZEN after filling out a survey, you could not settle this dispute with Perfect World. Instead, you needed to contact the company you did the survey with.

Additionally, you could also earn free GP by liking Blacklight: Retribution on Facebook via the link located on the right side of the news pane. This could be done once a day for a reward of 200 GP.