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Foiche x-2 'Headhunter'

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BLR Foiche x-2 Headhunter

Foiche x-2 'Headhunter'

This Heavy Pistol is available in the Marketplace.

It is a non-customizable weapon, its components cannot be used with other weapons, and other weapons' components cannot be added to it. It appears to come with toxic ammo.

Note that this is a premium item, it can only be purchased with ZEN.

1 Day 7 Days 60 Days Permanent
40 ZEN 225 ZEN 640 ZEN 750 ZEN
Damage 49 Firerate 800
Ammo 8/32 Reload 1,81 Sek
Zoom 1,80 Scope In 0,30 Sek
Spread 2,00° Recoil 37
Range 29/59 Run +0,07

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