BLR DE Foiche XPL1 C

Pre-Parity Information Edit

The following is no longer up to date with the current version of Blacklight: Retribution and should only be used for historical information.

The Foiche XPL1 C is the explosive version of the Combat Rifle Mags. Using this magazine with the Combat Rifle will equip it with explosive Ammunition, which does 80% damage and obscures the target's vision. Agents who have been eliminated with this ammunition cannot be revived. This magazine is unlocked at level 19 and is also included in the Reward Pack for that level as a 3 day trial version.


  • Reload: -7
  • Run: -5


  • 1 Day: 150 GP / 25 ZEN
  • 7 Days: 1000 GP / 150 ZEN
  • 30 Days: 700 ZEN

Magazine name explanationEdit

  • Foiche is the brand name.
  • XPL stand for ExPLoding.
  • 1 is the number in serial for that type of ammunition.
  • C stands for Combat Rifle.

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