The Foiche XPL1 BA was a Bolt-Action Rifle Magzine in Blacklight: Retribution.


BLR DE Foiche XPL1 C

Foiche XPL1 BA

The Foiche XPL1 BA was an explosive Bolt-Action Rifle Magzine. Originally, this magazine increased reload time by +0.03s and decreased run speed by -0.02. It contained 5 bullets per magazine and 20 spare.

Post Parity Patch Edit

Currently, this Magazine is no longer available in-game. With the release of the Parity Patch Foiche Magazines have been replaced with Special Ammunition.

Magazine Name ExplanationEdit

  • Foiche is the brand name
  • XPL stand for Explosive ammunition
  • 1 is the number in serial for that type of ammunition
  • BA stands for Bolt-Action Rifle

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