Pre-Parity Information Edit

The following is no longer up to date with the current version of Blacklight: Retribution and should only be used for historical information.

The Foiche ELEC1 C features is the electro Ammunition version of the Combat Rifle Mags. This magazine is used exclusively with the Combat Rifle. It cannot be purchased permanently in the Marketplace, but it is possible to rent it for up to 30 days. The GP price unlocks at level 24 and it is also included in the Reward Pack for that level.

Electro Ammunition does 90% base damage on all targets, and a further 20% on mechanical targets like the Hardsuit, AT-D4, Barricade, or the Scorpion Tank.


  • Reload: -7
  • Run: -5


  • 1 Day: 150 GP / 25 ZEN
  • 7 Days: 1000 GP / 150 ZEN
  • 30 Days: 700 ZEN

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