BLR Icon Firewall Breach Kit

The Firewall Breach Kit is a Tactical Gear available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

The Firewall Breach Kit was released with version 0.991 at the end of October 2012.

This Tactical Gear's main purpose is to improve the player's ability to hack a Node or enemy Hardsuit or open or close a door.

The Firewall Breach Kit also improves HRV duration and recharge rate. Note: This needs confirmation from in-game testing.

Effects Edit

  • Hacking: Reduces the number of needed matches by half
  • Hacking: 1 mis-match allowed
  • Hacking: Node Firewall lasts 20 seconds (enemies cannot hack a Node you recently hacked)
  • HRV: Longer Duration Need testing to confirm
  • HRV: Faster Recharge Need testing to confirm
  • Hardsuit: Enter own and stolen Hardsuits faster

Rarity: Edit

  • Uncommon

Price Edit

In Game Description Edit

Tactical gear. Netwarfare suit with advanced hacking and HRV support.

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