Beta Tester Emblem

An Emblem is an element of Player Customization in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

30 days of fight emblem 2

A player wearing the 30 Days Of Fight Emblem

An individual Emblem consists of 3 layers that each have different symbols or patterns, as well as a color. This way, thousands of individual Emblems can be created.

There are also some premium Emblems that on the top layer feature a unique multi-colored symbol that cannot be altered. Those emblems are often the reward for participation in an event, or they can be purchased with ZCoin.

Emblems are displayed in the following locations:

  • In the pre-game lobby next to a player's name
  • In the scoreboard next a player's name during a match
  • On an agent's left shoulder while in-game

Premium Emblems Edit

There are currently three non-customizable emblems in the game:

  • Beta Tester (reward for participation in the closed beta phase)
  • 30 Days of Fight
  • Soon™

Customizable Emblems Edit

Accessible through the Customization Menu, the player can set up their own customized emblem. An emblem consists of three layers, each of which can be colored individually and usually contains between 6 and 43 different symbols, shapes, or patterns, allowing for well over 5000 different individual designs.

This number can be further increased by letter sets. Those letter sets (A - Z, 0 - 9) can be used as a symbol on the top layer of the emblem.

Pre-Parity Parity Edit

Emblem Pack

Emblem Packs

Before the Parity Patch was released players could purchase several emblem packs to further increase the emblems available.

Emblem Packs Edit

Emblem Packs contained special emblems that could only be obtained with ZCoin. There were 3 Emblem Packs:

  • Combat Letters Pack
  • Corporate Logo Pack
  • Primary Weapons Pack

Combat Letters Pack Edit

The Combat Letters Pack contains every letter in the alphabet and numbers.

Corporate Logo Pack Edit

The Corporate Logo Pack has logos of many fictional companies in Blacklight: Retribution, including Foiche and many others.

Primary Weapons Pack Edit

The Primary Weapons Pack includes icons of the different weapon types in the game, like the LMG and the Assault Rifle, and even 2 melee weapons, the machete and the Combat Knife Mk.2.

Gallery Edit

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