Clans are groups of players who have a strong common interest. Clans can be created or joined in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit


Clan window

Blacklight: Retribution has the ability to create clans which friends and other players can join. Once a player has joined a clan they gain a special tag next to their name.

Clans enable players to quickly view members and see who is online.

Creating a new clan costs 15000 GP and allows the creator to name their clan. Once created, other players including friends can be invited to join the clan.

Ranking Edit

The clan ranking ladder is built up of 3 steps. The leader, the officers and the members in the same order. it is possible to forfeit leadership in Blacklight: retribution by promoting another member of officer rank to leader.

Other Uses Edit

You can also have clan wars by talking to the leader of another clan. Clans provide a group setting to play matches with other players who have the same interests.