The Character Menu is sub-menu in the Customization Menu within Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

Character Menu

Character Menu in-game

The Character Menu is the primary location to change many non-equipment and non-weapon options. The following aspects of the player's character can be change in this menu:

  • Taunts: Four different taunts may be equipped at any one time. See Taunts for more information.
  • Emblem: Emblems contain three different layers that can be changed via shape and color. See Emblems for more information.
  • Voice Pack: The voice pack the player's character uses can be changed here as well. See Voice Pack for more information.
  • Announcer: Similar to the Voice Pack, the Announcer voice can changed here as well.
  • Titles: Any titles the player has earned or purchased can be equipped here. See Titles for more information.
  • Gender: For a one-time fee of 600 ZCoin the player may change their character's gender. Once purchased the player is free to change their characters gender at any time.

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