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A Chance Pack was an item type in Blacklight: Retribution that could be bought from the Marketplace for ZEN or GP.

Overview Edit

A Chance Pack was usually named after the most valuable item it can give as a prize. However, the main prize always has the least chance of success. The actual probability of being awarded the most valuable prize is unknown, though it is believed to be around a 10% chance. A Chance Pack also contained other items as possible prizes, some may be permanent, others are not.

New Heroes were usually first released in a Chance Pack bearing their name. Also, a lot of Reward Helmets are usually included as possible prizes in most Chance Packs.

Post Parity Patch Edit

After the PC Parity Patch was released Chance Packs were completely removed from the game. In their place Hardsuit Labs has implemented a "Special Offers" section. When accessed the Special Offers section displays a list of items on sale (reduced GP or ZEN cost) and several Lottery Boxes.

Lottery Boxes Edit

Lottery Boxes are similar to Chance Packs because the offer the player a random item from a set of specific items.

In Game Description Edit

Open the box to reveal what you have won! If you have every item in a chance pack you will get a re-roll award like GP or a boost.

Available Lottery Boxes Edit

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