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Screenshot of Brutalism

Brutalism is one of the Maps available in the game Blacklight: Tango Down


Brutalism is a an inner city area as most Blacklight: Tango Down maps. The likely origin of its name is the style of which the structures surrounding the garden are designed; Brutalist. Before becoming the scene of a battle between Blacklight operatives and The Order, it served as a garden dividing the ground floor of two structures. The gray decaying walls are covered with an overgrowth of flora. Lights remain on and structures undamaged which has led us to believe the area was un-evacuated.

Gameplay DescriptionEdit

Brutalism is an almost symetrical map, with open places and smaller corridors, meaning all weapons are possible to use. Beware of enemies rushing through the central corridor.

The order spawns at the train station, while Blacklight spawn in what looks like a waiting area. This map are is the starting point of the Burial Ground map in Black Ops Mission


Ammo crates:

There is one ammo crate in each spawn.

Health crates:

There is one health crate just after the spawns.

Top Down Edit

Below is a top down map of Brutalism.

Brutalism mini

Top down map of Brutalism

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