The Breech Loaded Pistol (BLP or Dart Gun during development) is a Secondary Weapon Receiver available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon Overview Edit

The Breech loaded Pistol is a three shot weapon that fires a large "bore" round. Every time the weapon is fired it must be reloaded. With three different kinds of ammunition this weapon can be customized for a variety of situations.

The default ammunition guarantees a kill with every hit provided the enemy doesn't have a 250 health armor build with the explosive damage reducer. Each BLP comes with three magazines, placing this weapon with the lowest amount of ammunition in-game.

However, these drawbacks are overshadowed by the large amount of damage dealt to hostile targets. This weapon is accurate from close to mid-range. When loaded with Flechette Chamber Boring ammunition, the BLP acts similarly to the Shotgun as very close range. Otherwise when using Incendiary Rounds the target burns for damage over time.

Multiple Incendiary Rounds that hit a hardsuit can burn the pilot out similar to the FT18 Flamethrower.

Price Edit

Ammunition Edit

  • HE Round Bore: Sticks to opponent and explodes, 250 damage
  • Incendiary Round Bore: Sticks to opponent and burns target, 300 damage
  • Flechette Chamber Boring: Similar to a shotgun shell, 20 damage per flechette, multiple (14) flechettes per shot. 280 damage if all flechettes hit. (Note: Flechette chambers act like shotgun shells, however, instead of firing pellets, it fires hardened armor-piercing darts.)

Ammunition Gallery Edit

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