BLR IconBreachHammer

The Breach Hammer is a Melee Gear available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

The Breach Hammer is a melee weapon that does 250 damage to enemy players but has a slow "reload" after each use.

Additionally, the Breach Hammer will cause the player to lunge at their target when used. Similar to the Machete.

The Breach Hammer will deal 3750 damage when used on the weakpoint of a Hardsuit or Scorpion Tank. This amount of damage is the same amount as a RL5 Armor Stinger.

Using the Stun Shuriken, Stun Mine Mk.1, or EMP Grenade Mk.1 will temporarily disable a Hardsuit or Scorpion Tank making it easier for the player to use the Breach Hammer on the weakpoint.

Note: The actual damage done to a Hardsuit or Scorpian Tank weapoint has most-likely changed since the introduction of the Parity Patch. Further testing is needed to confirm the damage.

Rarity Edit

  • Uncommon

Price Edit

In-game Description Edit

Melee item. Instantly kills the target, and prevents them from being revived.

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