The Breach Front-Line 'Source Code' was a premade LMG for Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon OverviewEdit

The Breach Front-Line 'Source Code' was a premade Light Machine Gun made by Rinkyushi from the preset creation contest.

It has moderate damage and the lowest recoil out of the three available premade LMGs, which makes it suitable for close to mid-range combat. Most components also reduce Spread. It is also heavy which means it will be difficult to run away from grenades.

Tactics Edit

In order to maximize its stopping power you should only attack enemies from about 0 - 10 meters away. It is possible to kill enemies from further away but is mostly decided by chance due to the inaccuracy at high range. If you know an enemy is around the corner, aim down your sight and start firing before they go around it. It is recommended that you have a long range secondary alongside it, such as the Revolver, equipped with a decent Scope, so that you have another option when taking down enemies that are further away.

Post Parity Patch Edit

After the Parity Patch was released premades could no longer be purchased. See Premades for more information.

Components Edit

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