Overview Edit

Blacklight Prime 2

Blacklight Prime in the store


Title given to owners of Blacklight Prime

Update Edit

Blacklight Prime is no more, it has been replaced with the GP Duplicator. Additionally, with the removal of BL Prime all item unlock levels have been removed and all non-cosmetic items can be purchased permanently with GP even if you do not own BL Prime or the GP Duplicator.

If you owned BL Prime you have been given the GP Duplicator and the title "Duplicity".

Note: The GP Duplicates doubles your GP awarded at the end of every match.

Original Information Edit

Blacklight Prime is a one-time use consumable item that, once used, will allow you to buy most in-game items permanently using GP. Without Blacklight Prime most items can only be rented for 1 Day.

Introduced first in the PS4 version, it was added to the PC version along with the Parity Patch, and all PC players who had characters that were created before the patch got it for free.

Buying Blacklight Prime will also grant you the title "Blacklight Prime Owner".

Price Edit

  • Permanent: 500 Zcoin

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