Blacklight March Update [8 March 2016] Edit

New Features Edit

  • New Weapon Skins!
  • New Helmets!
  • New Holiday playlists with special rewards!
  • New death animation system!
  • Added new emotes!
  • Added new holiday content!

Game Changes Edit

  • Customization now sorts objects into categories such as Owned, Featured, Purchasable and Locked
  • New background for UI elements
  • Party members will always be allowed to join your game if there is space available
  • Ping calculation has been slightly improved
  • Improved ping cache generation
  • Games can be spectated even if full as long as we have space open for spectators
  • Onslaught games can be rejoined if you leave them, you’ll respawn next wave
  • New startup sequence flow
  • Weapon Pickups no longer disappear randomly. Dropped weapons will now last full 30 seconds

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Finally fixed the heal injector
  • Added mitigations regarding grenade suicide
  • Zoom Blur can be turned off in settings
  • Zoom Blur now turns off properly when dying or when a round ends
  • Fixed friends being able to join your private matches if they aren’t in a party with you
  • Fixed trophies not unlocking under certain conditions
  • Fixed bugs with EMP grenades
  • Fixed crashing while searching for/joining games
  • Fixed “you need a password” error message appearing in matchmaking
  • Fixed broken trophy unlock cases
  • Fixed Convoy on KOTH causing crashes
  • Fixed friend sorting with parties
  • Fixed players showing up as dead if you joined SnD in progress
  • Fixed game is full message appearing incorrectly
  • Fixed softlock on login
  • Fixed a case of the void world occurring
  • Fixed revive UI in round-based game modes
  • Fixed private match timers always becoming 1 minute after the first match
  • Fixed map names not appearing correctly in the custom playlist selector
  • Fixed UI Scrollers appearing in chance packs when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed the description for the Mechanized Soldier trophy
  • Fixed a level glitch in Deadlock
  • Fixed a level glitch in Decay
  • Fixed a level glitch in Rig
  • Fixed a level glitch in SeaPort
  • Fixed a level glitch in Trench regarding hardsuit spawns

Offical Patch Notes by HSL Edit

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