This page contains a list of playable maps available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Multiplayer Maps Edit

Name Size Elevators Doors Available
Containment Large No Yes Yes
Convoy Medium No No Yes
Crashsite Large No No Yes
Deadlock Large Yes No Yes
Decay Small No No Yes
Dropzone Small No No No
Evac Large No No Yes
Heavy Metal Medium Yes No Yes
Helodeck Small No No Yes
Metro Small No No Yes
Offshore Medium No No No
Outpost Small No No Yes
Piledriver Large Yes No Yes
Rig Large No No Yes
Safehold Medium No No Yes
Seaport Large Yes Yes Yes
Trench Large Yes Yes Yes
Vertigo Medium Yes Yes Yes
Vortex Super Large Yes No Yes

Siege Maps Edit

Name Size Elevators Doors Available
Nuken Large Yes Yes No

Onslaught Maps Edit

Name Size Elevators Doors Available
Centre Medium No No Yes
Shelter Medium No No Yes
Lockdown Medium No No Yes
DeathMetal Medium No No Yes
Terminus Medium No No Yes

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