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Blacklight: Retribution is a first person shooter formerly developed by Zombie Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment and Red Stallion Interactive. As of January 1st, 2015, ownership and development of the game shifted entirely to Hardsuit Labs, a studio formed primarily out of former Blacklight developers. The game is available on two platforms, PC and Playstation 4.

The game features a variety of different game-modes, including classic modes such as Capture The Flag or Deathmatch. There is also a PvE mode, called Onslaught, which pits the players against hordes of AI-controlled opponents.

One of the most unique features of Retribution is the Depot system, which allows players to purchase special items using points, called CP, earned while in a match. Items in the depot range from a basic health refill to powerful armored hardsuits.

Currently, there is a huge difference in game play between the PC version and PS4 version. The PC version lacks many of the new updates that the PS4 version has received. However, this is going to be resolved. A parity patch will be coming on the 22nd of July , 2015 which will catch the PC version up to the PS4 version. As well as that, the PS4 version will also be updated in either late July or early August.


The game currently contains the following maps:

Purchasable ItemsEdit

As Blacklight: Retribution is free-to-play, monetization of the game happens through the Market and the Customization menu where players can buy items to use in-game. To purchase items, players can use two different currencies: ZEN and Game Points (GP). ZEN can be bought from Perfect World for real money, while Game Points are earned for playing the game. Most items can be bought permanently, while others may only be available as a 'rental' option (1, 3, 7, 30 or 90 days).  In addition, some items are restricted in that GP can only be used to rent the item, while ZEN is the only way to get that item permanently in addition to rentals.  To buy items with Game Points, a minimum player level may have to be reached. Buying items with ZEN bypasses this requirement.

Some bought items can be equipped all the time, while others have to be unlocked from the Depot during the match for Combat Points (CP), a third currency. Combat Points are earned for capturing points, killing enemy players, getting assists, etc. With these points, players can visit nearby Depots and buy the items they have chosen in the Depot section in the character customization menu. Items purchased at Depots include the Ammo Refill, the powerful FT18 Flamethrower, the prized Hardsuit, and many more.

Localized VersionsEdit

Besides English, the game is available in French and German. Both those localized versions use, per default, the European server, but also have access to the servers in the US.


Not a lot is known about the background of the game. It plays in a near future, about 50 years from now, mostly in inner city areas of Asian metropoles. In one of the Developers Diaries videos, one of the developers referred to a map as a "Neo Tokyo". Those cities are deserted, and signs of an epidemic outbreak are visible in many maps, in form of abandoned quarantine installations and medical waste. Signs of this Infection are also visible on the "Patient Zero" skin of the hero Viper. While civilans have fled the cities, the global arms corporations are fighting over the remaining resources and for domination over what is left of the world, sending out teams of agents against each other.

The game does not connect directly to the story of its predecessor, Blacklight: Tango Down. On a time line, Blacklight: Retribution may be several years after the events of Blacklight: Tango Down, as technology seems slightly more advanced.


In addition to the PC version of the game, a Playstation 4 version is also available. This version contains several notable differences from the original, including the absence of certain game modes.


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