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The Barricade Mk.1 is a Tactical Gear for Blacklight: Retribution that unlocks at level 6.

Overview Edit

Barricade Mk.1

Barricade Mk.1

The Barricade Mk.1 is a portable combat barrier that can be used as a riot shield or deployed for stationary cover. It lasts until you deploy a new one.

Tactics Edit

The Barricade Mk.1 is also a shield that can be put down for cover. It does not protect your back from bullets. You can also use the Barricade Mk.1 in objective game modes like King of the Hill, where you can put it down while capturing the node. Once deployed the barricade can now also be picked up again and reused.

Price Edit

  • 1 Day: 225 GP / 40 ZEN
  • Permanent: 7000 GP / 400 ZEN


  • Grendel with a Barricade

See AlsoEdit

  • Barricade Mk.2, The combat variant and successor of the Barricade Mk.1.

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