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The Assault Rifle is a Primary Weapon Receiver available in Blacklight: Retribution and Blacklight: Tango Down.

Weapon OverviewEdit

Automatically unlocked for all new characters, the Assault Rifle is the default Primary Weapon, available from Agent Level 1, and is fully customizable with a wide array of tactical accessories from the in-game Customization Menu.

The Assault Rifle is a versatile fully automatic weapon, best described as a "jack-of-all-trades" weapon, remaining quite effective at all ranges. This weapon is a great starting firearm for new players, thanks to its forgiving recoil pattern and decent damage output. At close to middle range engagements, there are only a few other weapons that can be employed as effectively as the Assault Rifle. More seasoned veterans may choose to modify their rifles with Stocks, Scopes, Barrels, Muzzles and different Mags to better suit their own personal playstyles.


A competitive weapon in almost any firefight scenario, the Assault Rifle truly shines when used with conscious trigger control. Fire in short, two-to-three round bursts at targets across longer sightlines; although the Assault Rifle's recoil is relatively mild, it is enough to throw a player's aim off. Fully automatic fire can be effective in engagements at middle ranges, but remember to keep track of your Ammunition count, as doing so will burn through your starting supply much more quickly. Lastly, as an absolute last resort, firing from the hip can also be employed. While less accurate and relatively messy, the vital milliseconds saved by not aiming down sights can be a lifesaver in unexpected close range encounters.

Keep in mind, however, that despite its versatility, the Assault Rifle can and often will be outmatched by its more specialized brethren under specific conditions. Up close, both the SMG and the LMG will best the Assault Rifle thanks to their superior rates of fire. At a distance, the Combat Rifle and Bolt-Action Rifle will outshoot the AR thanks to their higher accuracy and damage per shot. Play strategically, using cover and firing positions to your advantage; if at all possible, do not give the enemy a fair fight.

The Assault Rifle is the bread and butter of any player's arsenal. With a good trigger finger and steady aim, this weapon will prove itself time and time again as a trusty companion in countless firefights.


There are 11 different magazine types for the Assault Rifle. For an overview, see Assault Rifle Mags.

Skins Edit

Name Permanent Price Image
The Droughtbreaker N/A
The Droughtbreaker

Assault Rifle Skin

Premade VariantsEdit

These premade versions of the Assault Rifle were purchasable as stand-alone weapons in the Marketplace before the Parity Patch on PC.


  • The Assault Rifle's graphic lineage clearly traces back to modern firearm designs, the most obvious being the Swiss-made SIG SG 550 , itself being a descendant of what is considered the first true assault rifle, the German StG 44 .
  • Assault Rifles are often characterized by their use of intermediate rounds smaller than full-sized rifle cartridges, the two most common being the 5.56x45mm NATO , as famously used in the American M16, and the 7.62x39mm , used in the Soviet AK-47 Rifle.


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