Armor Build: Default Armor
Name/Agent (Username or Name)
Class Balanced (Light, Balanced, or Heavy)
Health 200
Armor 12%
Stamina 5.8 seconds
Run Speed 8.50
HRV 70.0u
HRV Recharge 6.7u/s
Helmet Overmatch ArmetX
Chest Armor Overmatch Anaconda KX7
Leg Armor Allied LZ Viper
Primary Assault Rifle
Secondary Light Pistol
Tactical Gear None
Gear 1 Frag Grenade Mk.1
Gear 2 Combat Knife Mk.1
Gear 3 -
Gear 4 -
Camo Standard Issue
Depot Item Health Refill
Taunt Wag
Attributes -
Total Cost 0 GP / 0 Zen
 The default build is the armor that the player is automatically given at the start of the game. It is a stasis build - an overall balance of health and mobility. It costs 0 GP / 0 Zen in total to purchase, because it is the original armor that a player starts with.

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