The Announcer is the voice heard in-game in Blacklight: Retribution when specific events are triggered.

Overview Edit


Default Announcer in-game

The Announcer is the voice that all players hear when the game announces specific events during a match. For example, they state a player's objective for the match as soon as they initially spawn in and announce when a team is nearing completion of that objective toward the end of the game.

The default announcer is currently the only available announcer. It is an unidentified female voice but there appears to be an option to change the announcer in the Customization Menu.

The ability to change the announcer's voice may be an option in future updates.

List of Annnouncer Voice Packs Edit

Announcer Voice Pack In-game Description Availability
Bot Changes the game announcer to a cold, dispassionate robot. No
Chobot Changes the game announcer to the voice of Jessica Chobot! No

Trivia Edit

  • Jessica Chobot is an American on-camera host, who previously hosted the IGN shows IGN Strategize and Weekly Wood, she also used to present the IGN Daily Fix.

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