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The Ammunition Pod Mk.1 is a Tactical Gear available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

The Ammunition Pod Mk.1 is a Tactical Gear that provides players two ammunition refills when used. Equipping this Tactical Gear can save players from having to go to the Depot to refill their Primary and Secondary Receiver and any Gear they've used.

After this Tactical Gear after been deployed it will provides two ammunition refills and will disappear after five minutes. Any friendly player can walk over to the Ammunition Pod to use one of its ammo refills.

In-Game Description Edit

Drops an Ammunition Pod that players can use to refill their ammo.

Rarity: Edit

  • Uncommon

Price Edit

Trivia Edit

When playing in Practice matches the bots can be seen with this Tactical Gear equipped.

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