Blacklight Patch Notes v1.310 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for September 10, 2013.[1]


  • The Barricade Mk.2's melee attack now does 125 damage, but no longer stuns the target.
  • Move-Spread and Scope-In time are now only affected by the weight of Barrel, Grip, and Stock attachments.
  • The weight of the Jurisdiction I-L4 barrel has been increased.
  • The Light Machine Gun's Move-Spread is slightly less affected by weight.


  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur if the game was left idle at the main menu.
  • Fixed several spots in Dropzone in which players could access unintended areas of the level.
  • Fixed an exploit in Dropzone in which players could trap spawning teammates in a narrow doorway.
  • Grenade and mine collision has been added to several surfaces in Dropzone that previously lacked it.
  • Player collision has been added to some objects in Dropzone that previously lacked it.
  • Players using infrared scopes will now properly see players using the Cloak Mk.2 when it wears off.
  • Barricades and turrets now remember their previous health values when being picked up and re-placed elsewhere.
  • Fixed a bug in which Scope-In times were not displaying correctly in Customization.


Below is a listing of some of the known issues for Blacklight: Retribution Patch 1.310. This list is not complete and will not include all issues. The latest patch notes can be found at

Updates to the list will appear in red. [Note: There was nothing in red on the official patch notes page]

  • +Starting CP datanodes do not function past the first round in multi-round games.
  • If you join a premium server as a spectator and then later switch to a player, you will not benefit from the Starting CP mutator.
  • The Sonic Tomahawk cannot be equipped if the language is set to Turkish. The workaround is to change the language, equip the item, and then change back to Turkish.
  • If you pick up the Exploding Tomahawk while holding the detonator, you will be unable to use it until you switch to another weapon, then back again.
  • Using the Cloak immediately after exiting HRV will sometimes cause you to remain visible.
  • When using XP Tokens, your XP will not appear to go up until you either relog, enter Training/Practice, or join a match.
  • The Repair Tool does not repair the Assault Bot.
  • If you switch to a spectator during a match, you will be unable to respawn if you switch back to a player.
  • Spectators can hear both teams' Teamspeak channels simultaneously.
  • If a friend or clan member logs on or off while you are composing a mail message, your cursor will switch to the active chat tab.
  • If you re-enter an Onslaught match that you've previously left, you will be unable to spawn in.
  • Clicking the Back button while pressing Escape will remove the Back button from all menus until you restart the client.
  • The idle kick timer is not being reset between rounds.
  • Entering ADS and firing at the exact same time as you come out of a sprint can cause automatic weapons to "jam" and only fire one bullet.
  • The winner of a tied match is sometimes determined at random rather than by teamscore.
  • Assault Bots can pick up flags in CTF games.
  • Hardsuits can get stuck on elevators in Vertigo.
  • Dead bodies lying on the elevator in Heavy Metal will cause it to constantly move up and down.
  • Thrown tomahawks cannot be retrieved from hardsuits.
  • Bots' scores are not reset between rounds in multi-round Deathmatch games.
  • The Chat and Featured Item panes can overlap selection menus in Customization.
  • You will sometimes not take fall damage if you fall while your health is regenerating.
  • Picking up a throwing knife while simultaneously throwing your last one can break the knives' functionality.
  • Your camera will sometimes get stuck in a walking animation after lunging with the katana; lunging again should fix it.
  • If the scorpion tank is disabled while you are spectating it, your camera will get thrown outside the level.
  • Shooting an airstrike beacon at a disabled scorpion tank can cause the air strike to fail.
  • Moving against a hardsuit on an elevator in Vortex can cause multiple issues.
  • An incorrect "Disconnected for being AFK" message can appear when manually leaving a match.

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