Blacklight Patch Notes v0.983 RC1 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for August 28, 2012.[1]

Fixed Edit

  • Fixed HRV becoming jammed occasionally
  • Fixed HRV turn off audio playing twice
  • Fixed proximity mine spawn protection
  • The empty scorpion tank can now be affected with the repair tool
  • Fixed shotgun reload time displaying incorrectly

Changed Edit

  • You can only receive the team bonus for destroying the scorpion tank every 25 seconds.
  • Added new setting in Control options called HRV Toggle. Setting this to Disabled will allow for HRV to have press and hold functionality. This setting requires the entire HRV animation to play before it can be turned off by releasing the key press. If the key press is released before the animation is finished, the key will need to be pressed again to turn HRV off (similar to having HRV Toggle set to Enabled).
  • Votekick now requires two allies or four enemies to vote, instead of 4 allies or 6 enemies.
  • After a player has been vote kicked from the match, a message is broadcast to everyone in the match to let them know that a player was kicked.

Added Edit

References Edit


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