Blacklight Patch Notes v0.982 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for August 21, 2012.[1]

Added Edit

  • SAR-k available for direct purchase
  • New Random playlists that contain all team based game modes and all maps

Fixed Edit

  • Repair gun will now correctly repair the Scorpion tank while it is moving
  • Scorpion tank will no longer begin floating when it is unoccupied at a check point gate
  • Team scores will now correctly swap in-between Siege rounds
  • Fixed not getting notifications that HRV is ready in some situations
  • Floor textures in various rooms in Nuken
  • Scorpion tank now tilts when it moves down ramps
  • Opening the taunt radial while respawning will no longer result in a loss of input functionality
  • Will no longer receive multiple game invite notifications when someone spams the invite button in the social menu
  • Muahaha taunt animation now displays properly in the Hero pose screen
  • Siege score UI will no longer display incorrectly if you switch teams during the second round
  • Turret kills are now scored properly
  • Turrets will once again shoot at moving targets

Changed Edit

  • Increased collision volumes for the scorpion tank making it easier to enter, repair, and hit with rockets
  • Repair gun's range has been increased from 250 to 400 units
  • Increased the amount of GP earned over time while playing by 40 and decreased the amount given for finishing a match by 40
  • Inventory now displays quantity indicators for stackable items
  • Removed bonus EXP from disabling the Scorpion Tank
  • 30 Days of Fight tickets now expire after one day

References Edit


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